You must have been, or you are now in a situation when you just hate your mattress. You feel pain not only in your lower back but in your arms, hips, legs and neck every time you get off the bed. You have probably forgotten how it feels like when you sleep like a baby. So, if you dream of a good and deep sleep without constant pain in your bones and muscles, then this very mattress review that can save your life.

Finding a perfect mattress is quite a difficult task. Surely, you can check some in special stores, lie down for a couple of minutes and listen to a manager, who needs you to buy something. The reason for this survey here is to pick the best memory foam mattress that will suit all requirements, instead of spending lots of money on “something”.

What do you think you should know when choosing a mattress? Apparently, the brand will not tell you much, and the price is not the only one detail you should pay attention to when caring about your health. There is a comparison table, where you will quickly find the most important information according to trustful brands, types, models and other features of foam mattresses in about 10 minutes. The research provides short but reasonable information to save your time.

How to choose a right mattress?

There are three significant questions, you must think of, before making a decision. You can find them below and look through each. You will be surprised about some parts, you did not keep in your mind when got your last mattress.

  1. Preferences

Usually, people do not think about the position they prefer to sleep. This fact in very important, as the position you feel the most comfortable and spend most of your sleeping time in define the thickness of the mattress.

  1. Appropriate toughness

You can choose a good low, medium or high-density foam mattress. They are all good and will benefit your health, but their cost are not the same and you, in particular, can feel slightly different on each. The density of a memory foam mattress is a matter of your budget and how good each type can support your body points.

  1. Thick or thin?

Again we come to your demand. Keep in mind your weight, as the heavy your weight, is the thicker mattress you need to get. Also, if you have some problems with joints, better consult a doctor, who will give you advice according to your new foam mattress thickness.

Here are the best mattresses, due to people’s most common requests.

Best topper memory foam mattress

Best topper memory foam mattressLet’s start easy. The Density Visco 4lb is a good idea if you do not want to change your old mattress, but do not mind to put a good layer on top. It is 3 inches memory foam thick, which will make your sleep much better. Most models bend to the shape of your body, once the foam gets hot enough. This certain model supports your weight instantly. One more advantage: its price will make you want get it as soon as possible.


Top quality memory foam mattress

Top quality memory foam mattressThe Ultimate Dreams 13” Gel Foam wins all competitions, not only because it is the most expensive one in this survey, but because it has the biggest amount of cons. Firstly, it is 13 inches depth, which mean it is one of the best purchases for a healthy sleeping. This model keeps a good temperature; therefore you can feel comfortable during hot and cold nights. It worth to buy it, as the brand company provides 20 years warranty.


Best budget memory foam mattress

Best budget memory foam mattressYou may skip this paragraph, thinking that low-cost mattress will only harm you. But, the LUCID by LinenSpa 10 inches can easily disprove it. It will not make you sweat, like other cheap memory foam models. There is one thing you should remember: if you are overweight, unfortunately, this mattress will be quite hard for you. Otherwise, you will feel every part of your body relaxed, which will help to keep your posture straight.

Top therapeutic memory foam mattress

Top therapeutic memory foam mattressThe DynastyMattress Therapeutic Deluxe takes deserved place in this review, as it does help! If you can not stand your pains in the morning anymore, then get this model. Due to two air flows and anti-allergy protection, your sleep will finally become peaceful and deep. The mattress is quite firm, and you will need a bit more time to get used to lying down on it, but the result will justify itself.


Best memory foam mattress for children

mattress for childrenSurely you can not forget about one more foam mattress if you have kids. A good posture is the key to healthy joints and feeling strong in general. The Sleep Master 6 inch with a cover you can wash, is the top choice for your child’s comfortable nights. 6 inches is a good thickness for a light weight kid. The model has ActivCharcol and Evergreen, which help to get rid of the sweat smell.


Best price mattress

Best price mattressGood value always attracts people, but it does not mean that the cheapest mattress will benefit your health. The Sleep Innovations SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress with 20 years warranty is a worth buying thing. It is made from high-quality foam with 8,10 or 12 inches depth. You will be satisfied with your convenient position while sleeping and feeling much rested in mornings.

More useful information

Hopefully, now you can concentrate of the specific type of a mattress, which will match your and your family expectations. Try to avoid spilling liquids on the mattress. Most memory foam models come with covers that you can unzip and wash in a machine whenever you want to refresh it. Do not skip the instruction list and read it carefully, when getting a delivery. If you follow the rules, you will easily prolong your mattress features performance.

There are lots of other questions customers ask when choosing a mattress for adults and kids. If you used to sleep on a latex or a spring mattress before, now you can enjoy new technology that made memory foam mattress a number one on a market. The natural support memory mattress gives you can not be compared with simple spring one, that keeps its shape only for the first six months. For those people, whose partners are too active at night and it does not let other sleep properly, foam mattress destroys the problem. The way memory foam mattress designed, you will not feel any movement of your wife/husband anymore.

Type of foam

By having a little bit more knowledge about foam mattress (you already know a decent amount), you can pick the best one. There are only three types so let’s have a look at them:

  1. Traditional

This foam mattress adjusts to your curves, so your blood circulates better. Traditional type prevents dust mites and bugs, which benefits your health in general. In addition, traditional memory foam mattresses keep their structure for many years, as they are firmer than other mattresses

  1. Air Cool

This type will suit those, who used to complain about the hot temperature of the mattress. Air cool models respond to your body temperature, which makes your feel noticeably comfortable

  1. Gel

The mattress with gel foam, in particular, will save you from dents. Gel quickly adapts to your position while lying down and does not heat your body up. If you want to pick the best one for health, buy memory foam mattress made of gel

You must be surprised how many little, but important details you need to remember when searching for a new mattress. Do not be scared to get it, but if you still are then just choose one from the review!

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