Best mattress for stomach sleepers

According to your habits, you may choose one of the three sleeping positions: back, side or stomach. We all have our favorite pose to fall asleep, but during the night, we usually change it few or more times. However, there is one predominant position that we commonly choose while we sleep. So, pick a mattress according to your prevailing position.

I offer you few useful tips for any sleepers that will help you to select a sufficient mattress.

Back sleeper review

back-sleeperThe main issue for back sleepers is a great load on the back and spine. Therefore, these people frequently suffer from a back tension and spine pain. You lay done on your favorite mattress that you have used for many years with pleasure, but when you roll over on your back during the night, a load on your spine rapidly increases.

Firstly, you have to realize that unlike people who prefer a side sleeping position, you will need much more support for your back. However, if you go to the market for a new mattress, you must pay attention to medium firm models with memory foam. These mattresses provide restful sleeping and reduce pressure on your spine. You also may choose a slightly plush model, but don’t go overboard. Too much plush and soft texture may cause problems with your back.

Maybe, now you think that this is a hard and difficult process. If you feel confusing and hesitantly, there is no need to. Not so long ago I’ve faced with the similar problems, so I completely understand your feelings.  It is essential for you, to realize things that are comfortable and uncomfortable for you. You may do a process of buying a new mattress enjoyable and exciting. The main reason for doing this is your health. You should accept that you need extra care for your spine, and this may narrow down your choice a little.

Side sleeper review

side-sleeperThe healthiest position for sleeping is a side position. If you prefer this way of sleeping, you are the lucky one.  Moreover, it is the most suitable pose for pregnant women. Doctors recommend sleeping this way because thus you may reduce acid reflux.

There is one more reason for choosing this sleeping position. If you have a partner who has a problem of snoring, you have probably noticed that he snores more loudly during sleeping on his back. You may solve this problem by helping him to turn on his side. Side position provides a better blood circulation and reduces pressure in your lungs.

Despite the fact that side position is the healthiest, it needs extra care too. The side sleepers frequently have a problem of pressure points. An old-fashioned spring mattress can’t solve it and may degrade the situation. In case you prefer side position, a memory foam mattress is a great decision for you.

For side sleepers, shoulders and hips are the most susceptible body parts. They frequently feel pain and aching there, and it is essential for them to pick a mattress that can cradle these body parts well.  So, you may choose any type, thickness or density of a memory foam mattress. Importantly, that when you wake up in the morning you feel refreshed and rested enough.

If you wish the healthiest mattress, you should take a look at medium or soft memory foam mattresses. When you consider that your hips, shoulders and spine feel the most pressure, you may choose special models of mattresses that provide the highest support for these areas.

Stomach sleeper review

stomach-sleeperIf you think about stomach sleeping as the best way to spend the night, you are wrong. It is the unhealthiest position for sleeping you may choose. The fact that our main weight falls on our torso area causes a very high pressure on a spine.

I understand that it is not so easy to change your favorite pose for sleeping. Therefore, I offer you few considerations that will help you to relieve a load on your spine. First of all, you should think about supporting that your mattress provides.

In case you have a coil spring mattress that served you for many years, you probably should change it as fast as possible. This type of mattresses doesn’t provide a proper supporting for pressure points across your body that is crucial for people that prefer stomach sleeping. Sleeping on this mattress may cause a lot of health problems, such as sore feelings or even a strong pain in your back.

It can be a real challenge to pick a good mattress type if you are a stomach sleeper. A mattress that is too cushioned doesn’t suit you because it can cause an arch of your spine. You may wake up in the morning with unpleasant and painful feelings. Otherwise, too firm mattress won’t let your spine take a natural position, and it will also cause health problems. A better choice for stomach sleepers is something in between, not too hard and not too smooth.

You should think carefully about choosing a right type of mattress because your sleeping position may cause health problems in the future. Everyone has their preferences, but to pick an appropriate mattress you must think about good support in the first place.

Useful info

You may find more information on my website. If you seriously think to make this healthy gift to yourself, you should visit my mattress density page that is a good guide to picking a proper mattress type.

A pillow you prefer is also essential for your well sleeping. Moreover, your pillow affects an overall position of your body during you fall asleep. To find more information and useful videos, visit my informational page about pillows.

Top 5 mattress for stomach sleepers

1. Sealy Optimum Gel Latex Meadowcrest Queen Mattress

2. King Simmons Beautyrest Recharge World Class Tillingham II Luxury Firm Mattress

3. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Copper Plush Mattress

4. King Spring Air Hotel & Suites Collection Grand Resort Plush Mattress

5. Sealy Posturepedic Select Yonge Street Plush Mattress

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