Best price memory foam mattress

best price foam mattressIf you have visited my site earlier, you probably noticed that I write my reviews not only about very expensive mattresses that cost more than thousand dollars. I try to compare various brands available on the market to show people that this type of “healthy sleeping technology” is on their budget too!

Let’s begin with the Best Price Memory Foam Mattress, 10-inch. Bellow, you will find full information about it. I’ll perform you all pluses and negatives of this model. Of course, you may object that Tempurpedic, for instance, has much more benefits. But this mattress is suitable for those people, who are not ready to spend a lot of money for a mattress to sleep better.

Best price mattress review

Arrangement and good feeling

I consider a manufacturer of the 10-inch memory foam mattress has put a decent price for their product. This model has a Poly Jacquard wrapping with a zip. You may easily remove it and wash. The following layer consists of 3 inches memory foam that includes a charcoal to keep away all unwanted scents.

The next layer is 2 inches of extra cushioned pressure discharge foam, which provides a prominent comfort for you. At the bottom of this mattress, you’ll find 5 inches of bulk base foam. All these layers form a mattress and provide the main benefits of this model. Therefore, this mattress can identify problem pressure points and mold the shape of your body.

The top layer of this mattress reacts to a body temperature when you lay down on it. A special “pressure relief system” helps completely contour your posture and accommodate your problem zones, like hips or shoulders, for instance. If you’ll change your sleeping position at night, this mattress will provide extra support to different areas.

In my opinion, if a memory foam mattress is something new for you, and you’ll discover it at the first time, you’ll probably need some time to adapt to this model. Sleeping on this type of mattresses is like sleeping on clouds in the sky at the beginning it may be unusual.

There is one more thing you should think about carefully. This kind of memory foam mattresses doesn’t have any cooling system, unlike more expensive models. You may feel extra warmth because it uses a heat of your body to form to you. A heat issue can make some people avoid this model, but there is a way to solve this problem. You may lay a blanket or cooling sheets over the top.

Additional features

This mattress has a CertiPUR-US certificate that confirms it only contains polyurethane foam. Therefore, you can be sure that this model is eco-friendly, reduces fire risk and provides a high comfort level. Also, the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty. There are three sizes of 10-inch model: Twin, Full, Queen and King.

The 8-inch model review

This model has the same benefits as a previous. The most important feature you should notice is the level of durable. There are differences in the filling: the top memory foam is 2 inches in depth, and you’ll get 2 inches of the air out cool foam instead of extra soft pressure discharge foam.


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