How Thick Should My Mattress Be?

This question is not easy to answer and choosing the right mattress can be confusing to anybody. We think that the best choice probably lies among memory foam mattresses. They are the newest  products that will work perfectly, providing you with a comfortable sleep. However, there are some general rules for choosing any type of mattress.


You have to choose the mattress according to your weight. The more you weigh the better support from your mattress you will need. Then the first thought would probably be to get the thickest one. Although, if you choose the thickest mattress, remember that it will probably be the softest. If you prefer your bed to be really soft, then this is the best choice.

To make your bed a little firm, and not so soft, consider options somewhere among medium-depth mattress, and do not pick the thickest one.


With health issues that result in muscle, joint, or back pain, the softness of your mattress might be an important question to consider. Finding the right mattress might drastically change your life by considerably reducing your discomfort. On the other hand, if you badly choose your mattress, trying to sleep might turn into a nightmare.

If you are under regular medical care, you may want to consult your doctor about what kind of mattress you have to choose. But if you must make the decision on your own, the basic rule is, as we have said earlier, the deeper the mattress is, the softer it will probably be.

What To Remember About a Memory Foam

thicknessWe recommend mattresses that contain memory foam for your best comfort. However, you have to remember that if a product is called a memory foam mattress, that does not mean it is made only of memory foam. What it means is that it contains a layer of memory foam, together with layers of other materials.

The depth of the mattress is not equal to the thickness of memory foam in it. The dimensions of the memory foam layer in the mattress will determine the softness and, in many cases, the price of the mattress. If it is difficult for you to fall asleep, or if you struggle with back pain or neck pain, you probably need a bigger layer of memory foam in your mattress, that will provide more support for your body, and give you better comfort.

Some manufacturers give a clear description of their mattresses’ construction, some don’t, so you need to be careful. That is why before acquiring a mattress you have to do some research and read several reviews. The prices of memory foam mattresses differ, and there are some great choices of mattresses available on the market for quite reasonable prices.

There are some other questions to consider, for example, the ability of a mattress to cool and ventilate. Without it, soft mattresses may warm you too much, aligning to the shape of your body. Some mattresses contain a layer that can react to temperature. So, there are questions to ask when you have to choose a memory foam mattress.


As we have said, the thicker the mattress is, the softer it usually appear, and this may be the reason you will choose one product or another. But, as we have discussed, it is probably useful to do a bit of research, to look inside and see what the mattress is made of, and what features it has. Because, as for mattresses, the most expensive one will not always be the best for you. And also you may have your personal health and weight differences that should influence your choice of a mattress. Looking for the most suitable mattress for you remember, you are creating a place where you will spend approximately one-third of your time, so be careful and choose wisely.

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