LUCID 10 Inch CertiPUR Foam Mattress

LUCID 10 Inch CertiPUR

The price pays a very important and even irreversible decision on choosing the right memory foam mattress. Exactly for this reason such model as the LUCID 10’’ inch was manufactures. But apart from its affordable price, it offers multiple features, even more than in some expensive brand models. The only difference will be the cost – instead of paying a few thousands, you will spend only hundreds.

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LUCID 10 Inch CertiPUR Review

Comfort, density, open cell feature

The next top feature which everybody pays attention to when buying a memory foam mattress is the density. As it was mentioned above, it is 10 inches in depth and consists of the 7 ½ inches of high density foam at the base/bottom and moving up it has 2 ½ inches of the LUCID memory foam comfort layer.

There are some memory foam mattresses that are designed to help people who experience pains and aches in back or neck, but unfortunately it is not about his model. Therefore, if you belong to the category of people, who have some problems while sleeping, then you would better consult with your doctor.

Nevertheless, this mattress has a healthy effect on you body. For instance, it is capable of straightening your spine in whatever position you take. In this way, it might help you to relax and sleep well, as the pain and ache will slowly leave your body.

This particular memory foam mattress is neither too firm nor soft; it is medium as the manufacturers state in the user manual. But again, the meaning of “medium” is different for everyone as all people have different weight. For example, for people with average weight, there will be no problems, but if the person is heavier than average that it might seem too firm for him/her. Also, people with heavier weights mention the problem of dents, that start to build up with time.

But there is a feature that is very suitable for those, whose partners are active while sleeping. This feature is called “open cell”. This open cell helps to stop or minimize movement/motion between partners. So that you or your partner don’t feel when somebody turns from one to another side, thereby disturbing the sleep.

But there is always a way out of any hard situation, if considering all the mentioned above information, you think that 10” inch LUCID isn’t suitable for you, take a look at the 12”inch LUCID manufactured by Linenspa. It is capable of holding and keeping heavier than average weights and will not leave dents or identations and plus this type of mattress is also softer.

Unboxing process

All the mattresses consist of different materials, but all of them should be compulsory approved by the CertiPur US certificate. Speaking about 10”inch Lucid all the materials it is made of are not harmful to your health and consequently body. All of them were carefully tested, that is why you may not worry about you health.

When you just receive your purchase, the memory foam mattress will be in a special box, rolled and vacuum packed. When you start rolling out the mattress, be ready that it will not be underside on top, on the contrary, therefore you should flip it, so to get the right position and the right up side of the mattress. All this procedure will take no more than 5 minutes if you do it alone. Though if somebody helps you, might take even less.

While the mattress is expanding there might be an issue with smelling odors, which some people experience while others don’t. You can just open the window and that will help. As soon as the mattress expands completely, the odor will be gone.

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One of the best its advantages is that you can get whatever size you wish for: King, California King, Queen, Short Queen, Olympic Queen, Twin, Twin XL, Full and Full XL. It will simply suit any bed size.

Buying this mattress you will get an amazing sleeping product that is able to conform to your body curves and contours; that will save you from suffering from pain and aches in back or neck, that is affordable and will not cost you thousand of dollars and that has an open cell feature.

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