The Best Way To Clean A Mattress – Steam Clean

Steam Clean mattressSome types of mattresses, for example, Latex and Foam, have a very long warranty starting from 15 to 20 years. And of course, it as clear, that during all this time they should be maintained. But not everybody knows how to do it right. Therefore if you wish you mattress to live long and have a nice life, you should put a little bit of efforts and take a good care of it, which includes proper cleaning.

How to clean mattress?

With the help of cleaning, you are capable of removing all unwanted stains, bacteria, dust mites and other bad allergens. But remember all these can be done if you clean in time and regularly.

There are many ways of cleaning, you can find some videos on YouTube or read information in different special blogs or just in some articles. But I propose you the method that is checked and that it is considered to be one of the best and safest – it is a steam clean. For this purpose, you should buy (if you don’t have) a steam cleaner. No worries, they are cheap. Moreover, buying a steam cleaner, apart from the mattress you can also clean other surfaces and do cleaning job almost all over the house. All factors depend on what model you have.

Before doing the steam clean job, first check the user manual as it is very important. In case if it is allowed, then you can keep doing the job. Some steamers, as you know, leave water behind and that is why you should be ready to give the mattress about 2-6 hours for drying process before you go to bed. Again if you have an expensive steam cleaner, you will not have problems with a wet mattress as they have a drying feature at the same time. But if you know that your steam leaves water, be ready to wait.

Before working with a steamer, first you should vacuum the mattress to remove all dust, debris, pet hair and fur, different small particles, dirt etc. After this process is done, take your steamer, fill it with water, wait for about 2-30 seconds for the device to heat up and here you go, all ready to make your mattress clean.

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