The differences between memory foam and spring mattresses

There exist many types of mattresses, affordable and expensive, made of tree rubber and synthetics etc. In simple words, there are mattresses for every pocket and taste. Speaking about spring or how they are also called “coil” mattresses, they belong to a cheap category. The reasons for that are simple – they are made of available materials and the construction technology isn’t hard. Moreover, the technology of spring type mattresses hasn’t changed during all these years of their production. For example, if you bought their mattress about 10 years ago, you will be surprised, but nothing much has changed. But still it attracts people because of its price and not bad quality.
But we are comparing the two popular kinds of mattresses: foam memory and spring. Nobody can really say which one is better for somebody, that’s why all the pros and cons of two types will be described in details. And if you are planning to change the spring mattress to a foam memory, you should know all the distinctions, after which you can make a deliberate decision.

Memory foam Mattresses

Memory foam Mattresses

– Memory foam mattress has a limited 20 years warranty- that can be comparable with the warranty of a latex mattress. Also the materials it is made of are much better than those of a spring mattress, that why the warranty is much longer and the product is more reliable.
– This kind of mattress is the best buy and must have for those, who experience some problems with back or simply have some pains or aches. It was designed in a special way, so to support the main pressure points of your body. The spring mattress will never be able to do that.
– There is a huge variety and choice of foam mattresses everywhere: in stores and online sites. Manufacturers took into account all customers’ wishes and keep producing models for every taste.
– The big difference is also about the layers, not mentioning the accurate mix of soft and firm layers in foam mattress comparing with spring models.
– All the used materials in the production of every foam mattress are written on a CertiPUR US certification.
– The mattress perfectly repeats all curves of your body whatever position you take as if it cradles you with great care. All this is thanks to a specially designed technology that consists of billions tiny springs supporting your frame. That’s why your body will always be in a natural position.


– Comparing the prices of these two competitors, of course, the foam mattresses are more expensive but along with the mattress you get a technology that will save you from back and neck pain as the foam mattress surface is just made for perfect and calm sleep.
– One big con is about the heat the mattress produces, no matter what season it is. But the manufacturers are working on this issue and already have some improvements that can be seen on a DynastyMattress 12-inch New Cool Breeze Gel. The gel layer keeps the body in a cooler condition.
– The foam mattresses require some time to expand and in some cases have an odor.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses


– The biggest advantage of all spring mattress models is the price – it is very cheap. The construction is very simple and technology isn’t hard either.
– When you get your new mattress you will never smell any unpleasant odor like it can be in case with foam types of mattresses.
– Also, there is no need to wait until the new mattress will expand. As soon as you put it on the surface it immediately takes its original position.
– If you don’t want the mattress to conform the contours of your body then you should definitely opt for one of the spring models. Because in case with a foam mattress it will cradle you immediately as you lay on it. But again everything depends on personal preferences.
– Spring mattresses have a ventilation technology, therefore your body will never feel hot or warm and you will never suffer from this problem.

– When you lay on a spring mattress your body weight will not be distributed equally all over the surface, that’s why it might lead to problems with joints or spine.
– The maximum warranty is 10 years. It is not as long as foam mattress because of the materials it is made of. After maximum 10 years, you will have to change it. Though many consumers report that after 2-3 years the mattress starts to sag, so that there is a need to change it much quicker than in 10 years.
– If you experience any problems with back, neck or just pain and aches then under no circumstances should you purchase the spring mattress. This mattress is designed in a way to push the body weight back at the same pressure as it received. Consequently, it will not help you even a little.


All the pros and cons were discussed in details and now it is your turn to make the right decision.
Though remember, that in terms of maintenance the spring mattresses require more attention and efforts. It should be not only constantly rotated but also flipped.

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