Types of mattress: Traditional Memory Foam or Latex?

Selecting the right and proper mattress is very important as it should contain all our desires inside as well as outside. The mattress should be comfortable, price-friendly, durable and, of course, should be good for health (in case if there are some back problems). That’s why manufacturers have a very difficult task to accomplish and perhaps that’s why they created two types of mattress: traditional memory foam and latex. But which one is better?

In this way, looks like people have divided into two groups, where some prefer memory foam over latex mattress whereas other on the contrary. Everything depends on personal needs and expectations from the mattress. To make the right decision, the pluses and minuses of each type have been described below.

Latex mattress

Latex mattress


–    Latex mattresses are made of the finest rubber and that’s why they are incredibly durable, to be precise some models are capable of lasting for more than 15 years just because the material is of a very high quality.

–    Latex mattresses have been producing since 1950’s and are very popular among people during all this time. They are also considered to be one of the healthiest mattresses in the whole industry. The tree rubber they are made of is natural and, therefore, healthiest material.

–    All mattresses made of latex don’t have some unpleasant odor/smell as some people think it might happen because of rubber.

–    Firm mattresses are latex mattresses. It has two abilities at the same time: first of all it is firm and second of all it will still repeat your body curves whatever position you take. You will never “drawn or sink” in this kind of mattress though it might happen with traditional foam ones.

–    Heat is also not a problem for latex mattresses though comparing it with spring mattresses you might feel some difference. Latex mattresses produce just a bit more heat.


–    The quality of the pure latex mattress is very high and, therefore, the price for it is also expensive. You should be ready to pay a few thousands for it, but you should also understand that it will last and stay in a very good condition for the whole 15 years.

–    It is not very easy to find a pure latex mattress that is why going to the nearest store will not help you. The reason for that is that the substance it is made of is natural and therefore it is not that widely spread and of course it is also the reason why it is so expensive.

–    Don’t purchase latex mattress if you experience some pains or aches in your body while sleeping as this particular type is not designed for this purpose. It will not make it any easier for you to sleep or get rid of the pain.

–    You should be very careful and attentive when making a choice with latex mattress because of its carbon footprint. Not all manufacturers say how much of it was used, that is why there is always an idea of using synthetics instead of some natural and ecological materials. Perhaps that why it damages its reputation.

Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses


–    Traditional foam mattresses are much cheaper than latex ones as they are made of available materials and technologies. You can simply find them in any store.

–    The variety and choice of foam mattresses is just huge as the manufacturers took into account all people’s wishes and desires, thereby having produced so many models for every taste.

–    This type of mattress will easily repeat all your body curves and positions and generally conform to your body. Whereas in case with latex mattress- it just supports the main pressure points.

–    Foam type of mattress is like a plush, it is not that firm as latex one. They are made in such a way so that to lull you asleep. If that’s what you want, then consider buying such model as Ultimate Dreams 13” Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It will reduce all the aches and pain you might have in body.

–    All foam mattresses are designed in a special way. If you are calm while sleeping but your partner isn’t or vice verse then this mattress will easily solve this problem and you will not hear your partner turning from one side to another.



–    When you just buy a new foam mattress, you should be ready to smell some odors as the mattress is new and it needs to take the right shape on the bed and that’s why some gases that aren’t harmless at all will be evaporated. It will just be a few days and in most cases the smell is hardly felt.

–    All foam mattresses are made of synthetic substances. But technologies improve and manufacturers follow them, that’s why even synthetic materials will not have a harmful influence on your body and consequently health. Before buying a mattress look at the CertiPur-US certificate.

–    The durability of foam mattresses can’t be compared with latex ones as they are made of different materials using different technologies. Of course life of foam mattress isn’t that long, though there are models that are covered by 20 years limited warranty.

–    Foam type of mattress will not help if you feel warm at night though there are some special models that are designed with a unique airflow. Moreover, some of them even have a layer of gel to keep the body in a cooler condition. Bright and best example is the Ultimate Dreams model.


Both types of mattresses have advantages as well as disadvantages. Everything depends on your budget, expectations, and desires. That’s why they choice is after you.

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