Ultimate Dreams 13 Inch Gel Mattress

Mattress of the Best Quality Overall

ultimate dreamThe main reason for creating this website is the fact that, like many other people, I used to suffer from back pain, which seemed to never really go away. You definitely understand me, if you suffer from it as well.

I consider back pain one of the biggest problems that people suffer from. If you have seen the doctor about it, you have probably been through all kinds of remedies that do not seem to work at all. It may sound strange, but I had been experiencing the same feeling until one of my friends pointed out that sleeping on that spring mattress might not help in getting rid of the problem. That is why I started to research if a mattress can actually be the reason of bad or good back health.

Of course, I am not saying that a new mattress will make your back pain a thing from the past in a magic way, especially if it is serious. However, it can surely make your life much more comfortable. I testify to this fact since I am now a proud owner of DynastyMattress Therapeutic Deluxe 10″. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, I am going to tell everything about the Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress in this review.

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As you can guess from its name, this mattress has 13-inch depth. If you consider this mattress from the bottom up, you will find several layers. There are an eight-inch foam base of high density, a two-inch 5lb memory foam, and a three-inch gel memory foam. Above all these, there is a knitted cover. You can read more about each layer and its peculiarities below.

If you are interested in the producers of this product, Ultimate Dreams state that every memory foam mattress that belongs to their company is made in the USA, comparing to many other expensive brands manufactured in such countries as China.ultimate dream 13 review

If you have not come across memory foam mattresses yet, you may not know that they need to “outgas” because of the used materials. However, this memory foam mattresses suffers minimal compression during manufacturing, therefore it does not require much time to expand.

Moreover, it is provided with the first-rate CertiPUR-US Certification. It means that the mattress has undergone numerous rigorous tests, which have proved that such chemicals as heavy metals like lead or mercury, ozone depleters, and chlorofluorocarbons are not used during the manufacturing process. All this helps with air quality indoors and reduces the “out-gassing” odor, about which many people complain when using other brands.

Comfort comes first!

ultimate dream 13Speaking from my personal experience, at first, you might find this mattress a little odd if you are changing from a traditional one. It can happen because of the fact that your body will be supported in places that it have not been before. That is why you should be ready to spend at least a couple of nights before you get used to your new mattress.

Thanks to the gel memory foam, you actually sink into the mattress. The 5lb memory foam provides the support to every place of your body, which requires it. However, as with any mattress, it will take some time before your body gets used to the unusual environment in which you will sleep. Thus, do not think that using this memory foam mattress, your back pain will disappear overnight.

Comparing to other memory foam mattresses, it does not keep too much body heat, thus it is neutral in temperature. Anyway, some users have mentioned that if you get hot overnight, this memory foam mattress does not actually help. It might be because of the knitted cover.

Other Significant Issues

Many memory foam mattress’s brands suffer from complaints about permanent indentations. However, if you worry about the length of this mattress’s lifespan, you will be pleased to know that Ultimate Dreams offer a warranty for 20 years.

You are also not limited in terms of size you want to buy, since this mattress is available in Queen, Full, King, California King, Twin, and Twin XL. Even if you cannot find the size that will meet your needs, you do not have to worry since the manufacturer offers the possibility for his customers to order the appropriate size.

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If you need a mattress that will enable you to “dream away” while sleeping without any interruptions, and get rid of your back pain, this one will be the perfect choice for you. It is a high-end mattress with a price tag that is much lower than that of such brands as Astrabeds, Cloud Luxe or Hastens.