Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Visco-Elastic-Memory-Foam-Mattress-topperI am extremely proud of the website that you see in front of you and there are some reasons for this. First of all, I have done a lot of work to create this service, which can help everyone to understand that a memory foam mattress can be affordable and have a high quality at the same time.

Secondly, I have done my best to take budget into consideration. In other words, I am not going to make you purchase a product that you won’t need at all.

On this page, you will find a review on one of the best mattress toppers as I consider it to be.

The model that will be reviewed is the Visco memory foam mattress bed topper of 3 inches and 4lb. density. After reading this review, I hope that you will see that I have put every effort to point out the advantages and disadvantages of this product since it is not the perfect choice for everyone.

Your Night’s Sleep Can Be Better

Going to bed may become a real dread if you use that old spring mattress. It seemed to stare up at you and it feels like you are about to try to fall asleep on something that is like a bed full of nails. Obviously, such a bed cannot provide you with a healthy sleep, and thus you feel tired waking up the next morning as if you have not slept at all.

This mattress topper can help you to get rid of this dreadful feeling and sleepless nights since it has been specifically designed, absolutely differently comparing to your old mattress. In other words, if your mattress has sagging areas or indentations that you are tired of lying on, this model will definitely help.

The producers have used three-inch memory foam of four-pound density, so that even if your bed has some sagging areas, it will magically make them disappear.

Many memory foam technologies use heat to help the mattress to repeat the shape of your body. However, the technology used in this mattress topper does not need it. No matter how warm or cool your body is, it begins to cradle you the very minute you lie down, thus supporting various pressure points, due to the wrong position of which you can get those morning pains and aches.

This mattress topper has a four-pound density and is three inches in depth. That is why it will feel a fairly soft especially if you are muscular or your weight is more than average. It is also better for those who like sleeping on the back.

Thus, this topper is a perfect choice for both side and back sleepers, whose weight is around 160lb.

How to Prepare Your Mattress Topper for Usage

I have decided to include in my review a section about this issue because you may face the problem that the standard instructions do not work for you. It happens due to temperature.

The mattress topper is delivered compressed and vacuum packed, so you will need to unpack and wait until it expands. Although, the manufacturer recommends to wait for about 96 hours, it is based on the temperature around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature in your house is more than this, it may take more time to expand. If it is cooler than this, your mattress topper might be used sooner.

There are also a lot of complaints about the odor that comes from this mattress topper when it is unpacked for the first time. Being completely harmless, it may become an annoyance to you. The best solution of this issue is to make sure that the room where the product is used is being well aired for several days after unpacking it. Again, depending on the time of year, it may take different amount of time for this smell to fade.

Guarantees for Your Health

Though you get that “new” odor of this mattress topper, you do not have to worry about any harmful gasses since it has been produced according the regulations of PURGreen. The essential issue is that you are guaranteed that this product has been manufactured and packed in the US. Moreover, this mattress topper meets all CSPC and EPA standards ensuring it is free from harmful chemicals.

During its manufacturing process, no ozone depleting substances as Chlorofluorocarbons, Polybrominated Biphenyl Ether substances, harmful metals, Formaldehyde, and Prohibited Phthalates are used, and thus it can be considered one of the safest and “greenest” mattress toppers available on the market currently.




If you cannot afford to throw away your old mattress, but you cannot tolerate the discomfort you feel every night, this mattress topper can be the best solution to your problems. This high-quality mattress is the best value for your money. By the way, you can find it in the following sizes: Full, Twin, Queen, King, California King as well as Twin XL.